Electronic Document Discovery

The digital office is a reality. In the near past, the legal discovery process was one based on searching through mountains of paper. Today, law firms need to be able to sift through hard drives, CDs and Outlook mailboxes. As Hawaii’s leading litigation document processing company, Accucopy can handle your e-discovery needs right here in Hawaii.

Accucopy can take your hard drive, or other digital source, and create numerous digital output options. TIFF, OCR, searchable PDF, electronic bates numbering and blowbacks (hard copy print out of e-discovery files) are all possible.

Learn more about e-discovery, or call Accucopy Hawaii at (808) 589-1628 for more info.

About Accucopy

Accucopy Inc. is Hawaii’s leader in litigation document management. Accucopy provides digital copying, printing, scanning, archiving, e-discovery for Hawaii’s largest law firms and businesses. Additionally, Accucopy has expanded into digital color printing services, layout and design, and mail services for small businesses in Hawaii.

How to Reach Us

Accucopy Inc.  is located at:
770 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste. 505
Honolulu, Hawaii  96813

Phone: (808) 589-1628
Fax: (808) 589-2609

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