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Electronic Bates Stamping19 Jan

Our computers had a long weekend, and not because of the Martin Luther King holiday. Accucopy just completed a large  electronic bates stamping job for a Hawaii based firm. Done the manual way, this bates numbering job would have taken weeks.  In addition bates numbering, the computers put in overtime running optical character recognition (OCR) on the stamped PDF files to make them searchable. A searchable PDF file is exactly that – after the OCR process, you can search through thousands of PDF files for specific keywords. A very useful function for electronic discovery.

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Windows 7 – Production Copier Print Drivers14 Nov

Xerox, Ikon, Minolta, HP, Dell and Canon – In Accucopy’s print production environment, we operate equipment from all of these vendors.  So with the introduction of Windows 7, what works and what doesn’t . Which manufacturer has updated drivers?

We have a variety of PCs performing different functions, but so far nothing running Windows 7. We recently brought in a new 32-bit Windows 7 laptop to see which printers (copiers) work.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a 64-bit installation of Windows 7 to test.

In a nutshell:

32-bit Windows 7 ran perfectly with 32-bit XP or Vista drivers for all of our production copiers – Xerox DocuColor 260, Ikon CPP550, Xerox 4110, Minolta BizHub 920.

64-bit Windows Vista operated properly with drivers for the DocuColor 260, and the Minolta BizHub 920. Xerox has a 64-bit driver for the 4110, but it lacks the polished GUI of the 32-bit version. We have not yet found a workable 64-bit Vista (and probably 64-bit Win7) driver for the Ikon CPP550.

In any event, we are pleased that as we begin to adopt Window 7 into our production environment, we will continue to solid drivers for our copiers/printers.

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