Ilikai Conference Rooms now open for Business09 Mar

Accucopy client Kahala Caterers, has taken over the management of the Ilikai Conference Room facilities. The landmark Waikiki hotel near the Ala Moana side of the Waikiki is easily accessible from downtown Honolulu making the venue a new meeting option for Hawaii’s business community. Please visit for more information (caution, the site is currently under construction).


E-Discovery with Thunderbird Mail and Apple Mail01 Feb

Electronic Discovery (e-discovery) is a growing trend in the legal community. In an increasingly digital world, lawyers need to be able to review electronic documents with the same ease as paper documents. In the old days a lawyer would get a hold of a filing cabinet of ledgers, letters, memos, etc… Today much of that information resides in E-mail and that’s where electronic discovery comes in.

Accucopy has been assisting Hawaii law firms with the electronic discovery process. We are able to take any electronically stored email in a variety of formats (Outlook and Outlook Express being the most common formats) and produce output in ways that a law firm can use.

A recent client presented us with non-typical request. In addition to the common Outlook data files, they had Thunderbird and Apple Mail store that they wanted us to process – two formats not widely used in business circles. Using a variety of conversion techniques, we were able to successfully process both formats into usable output for the firm. Please contact us if you need help with your next e-discovery project.

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Electronic Bates Stamping19 Jan

Our computers had a long weekend, and not because of the Martin Luther King holiday. Accucopy just completed a large  electronic bates stamping job for a Hawaii based firm. Done the manual way, this bates numbering job would have taken weeks.  In addition bates numbering, the computers put in overtime running optical character recognition (OCR) on the stamped PDF files to make them searchable. A searchable PDF file is exactly that – after the OCR process, you can search through thousands of PDF files for specific keywords. A very useful function for electronic discovery.

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Windows 7 – Production Copier Print Drivers14 Nov

Xerox, Ikon, Minolta, HP, Dell and Canon – In Accucopy’s print production environment, we operate equipment from all of these vendors.  So with the introduction of Windows 7, what works and what doesn’t . Which manufacturer has updated drivers?

We have a variety of PCs performing different functions, but so far nothing running Windows 7. We recently brought in a new 32-bit Windows 7 laptop to see which printers (copiers) work.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a 64-bit installation of Windows 7 to test.

In a nutshell:

32-bit Windows 7 ran perfectly with 32-bit XP or Vista drivers for all of our production copiers – Xerox DocuColor 260, Ikon CPP550, Xerox 4110, Minolta BizHub 920.

64-bit Windows Vista operated properly with drivers for the DocuColor 260, and the Minolta BizHub 920. Xerox has a 64-bit driver for the 4110, but it lacks the polished GUI of the 32-bit version. We have not yet found a workable 64-bit Vista (and probably 64-bit Win7) driver for the Ikon CPP550.

In any event, we are pleased that as we begin to adopt Window 7 into our production environment, we will continue to solid drivers for our copiers/printers.

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Accucopy sponsors Jeffery Daniel dance workshop09 Oct

The man who taught Michael Jackson the Moonwalk and the choreographer of “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal” is coming to Honolulu to put on a dance workshop.  Accucopy is a proud sponsor for this event.

When:  Saturday, October 10th, 2009 (starting from 10:30 am)
Where:  Hawaii  Convention Center, Room 323
Cost:  Tickets $20 presale or $25 at the door
Contact:  Call (808) 354-7373 or go to


Corporate Blogging with WordPress12 Aug

In recent years, blogs (web-logs) have gained a lot of traction in the business world. Originally designed as an online personal diary, businesses have discovered blogging as a great way to get their message out. While this is not the time and place to detail all the pros and cons of a “normal” web site versus a blog, my 2 cents is that blogs are easier to manage and can deliver better search engine optimization results; in other words a properly formatted blog can more easily get you better page rankings in Google than a “normal” web site.

Ease of use – Did you know that this entire site,, is built with the open source blogging software called WordPress? Yes, you are reading the “blog” portion of this site right now, but everything from the homepage down is built on WordPress. Doesn’t look like a blog? Yes, you’re right.  Normally a business website will feature static elements about their business that don’t change – their products and services, location, mission, history, etc… are all necessary yet static (non changing). The very design of a typical blog is one where your latest “post” or article, is automatically moved to the top of your homepage. This feature is great for a blog, but not always for a corporate website.

Using a WordPress theme specifically designed for corporate blogging, our redesigned website delivers what we want in an easy to use, professional looking website.

Please contact us if you’re interested in more information about corporate blogging.

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How to add bleeds to your artwork03 Mar

What’s a bleed? In simple terms a bleed is where the ink or printed image runs off the edge of the paper. In contrast, artwork with no bleeds will have a natural paper colored boarder around the printed image. When submitting artwork to your printer, to get the best results, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of bleeds.

Here’s a couple of examples of NON-bleed artwork. In this image of a postcard, the edge of the paper is represented by the black boarder and you can clearly see a paper colored (white) edge around the perimeter.  If you want to print non-bleed artwork, this is how to create it.

Example of Non Bleed artwork

Example of Non Bleed artwork

Here’s an example of a business card with no bleeds. Again for purposes of this illustration, a thin black boarder is added to show where the edge of the paper would be.  But otherwise, you can see that the white background on this card goes all the way to the edge of the paper.

Business card with NO bleeds

Business card with NO bleeds

So how do you build artwork with bleeds? Well a lot of that depends on the software you’re using to create your artwork. We can’t possibly cover all here. But the basic idea is the same; you need to create artwork where your image is LARGER than the finished or trimmed size. So if you’re making a card that is to be trimmed to the size of 4″ by 4″, your artwork should be created to extent beyond 4″ – to at least 4.125″ or ever better if it was 4.25″.  You should also create your artwork with “crop marks” or trim lines. This tells the printer where the paper needs to be cut.

Here’s an example. This artwork is setup correctly for bleeds and crop marks are included. This file can be sent to press as is.
Artwork with bleeds and crop marks

Artwork with bleeds and crop marks

Close up on artwork with bleeds with and crop marks

Close up on artwork with bleeds with and crop marks

After this artwork is printed, the paper is cut along the crop marks to create the boarderless effect. Here is what the finished artwork will look like.

Example of artwork with bleeds, after it is trimmed to size.

Example of artwork with bleeds, after it is trimmed to size.

While artwork with bleeds certainly look great, you should be aware that using bleeds will most likely make your project more a little more  expensive. For example, if you want an 8.5″ x 11″ flyer with bleeds, be aware that it must be printed on a larger sheet of paper then cut to down to size. To contrast, the same flyer printed without bleeds is simply printed on 8.5″x  11″ sheets and that it.

Accucopy will be happy to assist you in setting up your artwork properly to print with a bleed, or without a bleed. Please contact us for more information.

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