E-Discovery with Thunderbird Mail and Apple Mail01 Feb

Electronic Discovery (e-discovery) is a growing trend in the legal community. In an increasingly digital world, lawyers need to be able to review electronic documents with the same ease as paper documents. In the old days a lawyer would get a hold of a filing cabinet of ledgers, letters, memos, etc… Today much of that information resides in E-mail and that’s where electronic discovery comes in.

Accucopy has been assisting Hawaii law firms with the electronic discovery process. We are able to take any electronically stored email in a variety of formats (Outlook and Outlook Express being the most common formats) and produce output in ways that a law firm can use.

A recent client presented us with non-typical request. In addition to the common Outlook data files, they had Thunderbird and Apple Mail store that they wanted us to process – two formats not widely used in business circles. Using a variety of conversion techniques, we were able to successfully process both formats into usable output for the firm. Please contact us if you need help with your next e-discovery project.

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Accucopy Inc. is Hawaii’s leader in litigation document management. Accucopy provides digital copying, printing, scanning, archiving, e-discovery for Hawaii’s largest law firms and businesses. Additionally, Accucopy has expanded into digital color printing services, layout and design, and mail services for small businesses in Hawaii.

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